Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Eight years . . . can it be?!!

Today marks eight years of wonderful marriage for Alyson and me (Well, at least I think they have been wonderful - I won't presume upon Alyson's thoughts - but you can read them here). It really doesn't seem like eight years - I guess because we've had so much fun. I still consider Alyson my very best friend, a true gift from God. I've told many people this, and I will say it again: I am a better person for being married to Alyson. Her encouragement, her love, her care all make me better man than I would be on my own (not to mention a much cleaner one at that!).

She's a spectacular mother who is doing an amazing job with Sophie and John Curtis. Being a mother is for her a true calling - and the three of us don't thank her enough (Sophie and JC don't know to - so the fault lies with me). She constantly amazes me with her sensitivity to the needs of others. Her compassion and love for others are clear reflections of Christ's light at work in her.

So, to Alyson: Happy Anniversary. I count every day with you an immeasurable gift from God. I love you.

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