Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Water For All Drilling Class

All this week, our staff missionaries, Kathy and Terry Waller will be leading a well-drilling (and windmill making) class here in San Angelo. The Wallers, for those who are unfamiliar with their ministry, are missionaries who primarily are based out of Bolivia. There they have developed a low cost well-drilling method to bring clean water to villages across that country. On average, one of the Wallers' wells can be drilled for around $100. Obviously, the need for similar water wells around the world is very great. Water for All's ministry has expanded beyond Bolivia to include a permanent work in Ethiopia through a volunteer missionary Joe Stocker.
As word of this "Baptist Well Drilling Method" has spread, people from all over the world have asked Terry for information on how to drill the wells. In order to fulfill some of those requests, Terry is offering for the second time a well drilling class right here in San Angelo. Churches and ministries from accross the United States are here this week participating in this class.
I really can't even begin to explain how much I admire Kathy and Terry for their work. I am so glad to be called their pastor and it is a true joy to partner with them for the cause of Christ. Be sure to be praying for the class this week and the work God will do around the world because of it.
Check out their website at http://www.waterforallinternational.org/. Donations can be made directly to Southland Baptist Church and designated as Water for All - All such money goes directly to the work in Bolivia and Ethiopia.

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