Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Bug's Life

OK - this will seem weird to many of you. Alyson thinks it's weird.

I like to take pictures of bugs. No real reason except that I like the macro feature on the camera. And I think bugs are cool. All these pictures are from my backyard - either in Marlin or San Angelo (The bee picture, added after the others, was taken at a flower garden down the street from my house in Marlin). What a world we often miss! And yes, I know snails aren't bugs. So let's just say I like to take pictures of creepy crawly things.


Patrick said...

Those are great.

National Geographic has a place to submit your own photos on their website - I think you are worthy.

Debbie Mendrop said...

I knew this about you. Is the photo of the little snail posed? That is just too perfect.

Taylor Sandlin said...

Yes, Debbie, the second snail photo is posed (as much as you can pose a snail). We found it in the grass and put it up on a ledge in order to get a better look. I've lost the pics of the praying mantis that I took in Weatherford. I think Alyson may delete them. She's not a big bug fan.