Thursday, December 4, 2008

Dr. Frank Pollard passes away

Dr. Frank Pollard died this past Sunday at the age of 72. Dr. Pollard was one of my preaching professors at Truett. While his student, Dr. Pollard and I quickly discovered several connections. Dr. Pollard was my in-laws' pastor in Jackson, MS when my wife was born. Dr. Pollard and I both attended Texas A&M (he played second base for the baseball team - I did not, although I did live in the athletic dorm). We also both served as the janitor of the Baptist Student Ministry. I find some pleasure in knowing that my first paid job for Baptists was the same as that of Dr. Pollard. His are not bad shoes to follow. I pray that my career may look even a small bit like his. For all the accolades Dr. Pollard received through the years (he was once named by Time magazine as one of the top seven preachers in America) his career was nevertheless one marked by great humility. He had a gentleness about him that made you feel safe and loved in his presence. In every class, Dr. Pollard displayed a strong commitment to effective preaching, a deep love for the church, and a passion for Christ's gospel. I'm grateful the Lord let me know Dr. Pollard if only for a couple of years. My prayers are with his family during these days.


Debbie Mendrop said...

Well said, Taylor. He was a gifted man, used by God for many years. He was even a writer of poetry, which he would share from time to time. I also feel blessed to have sat under his wisdom from the pulpit.

Patrick said...

I love Frank Pollard. He handled everything and everyone with grace.

He often said that when he his doctor told him he had Parkinson's, he responded, "Well, Doc, that really shakes me up."

He was one of the most encouraging men I have ever met. I look forward to seeing him Again.