Monday, March 30, 2009

Treehouse/Swingset - Weekend #2

Looks like we're headed into a third weekend with the treehouse/swingset project. This weekend proved to be a very cold one in San Angelo. We bundled up, though, and kept working. Alyson and I got the rest of the siding up on Thursday and Friday. Robert and James came over Saturday and helped put the roof on. Structurely speaking, we're finished, but I still have some trim work to do, some painting, and landscaping. The project's been a lot of fun. I've enjoyed working with Alyson and some good friends plus seeing something I sketched become a reality.
One of many pictures I'm sure James and Robert's wives won't like to see.

Taking a break from the work to try out the swings. They work.
We even put the little ones to work priming the inside of the house.

This is the house as we finished up late Sunday evening.

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