Thursday, April 1, 2010

Lessons from the shed.

If you're my facebook friend, you've probably already heard my story about getting stuck in my own tool shed this past week. For the few who haven’t, the tale is a simple one. I went inside the shed to get a rake and the wind blew the door closed behind me. The moment I heard the door close and the latch fall I knew I was stuck. You see, I built the shed myself so I knew that I hadn’t included a way to open the door from the inside out (it had never crossed my mind until this moment that I would need one!). What made things worse was that I didn’t have my cell phone with me, Alyson was away for the afternoon, and John Curtis was inside the house taking a nap. The door to the house was wide open, but I wasn’t sure he’d make his way out back when he woke up. As a parent, all sorts of nightmare situations started to fill my head, so I knew I needed to get out of the shed as quickly as possible.

Short of just busting the walls down and tearing up my shed, I conceded that I was going to have to yell out for help. I’m telling you, shouting out for help is not an easy thing to do. “Help!” “Somebody help me!” “I’m stuck in my shed!” I yelled, half hoping no one would answer me. It’s embarrassing to get stuck in your shed. It’s even more embarrassing to have someone you don’t know come and get you out. Truth be told, I didn’t yell for very long. My pride got the best of me. And in the end, it cost me a hurt shoulder and the roof of this little building. Yes, I got out – but only after busting the top off. How much easier it might have been if I had yelled longer and louder and someone had just come and let me out.

It’s not an easy thing to ask for help. Not an easy thing to cry out that we’re in need, especially if our need is caused by our own foolishness. And yet the truth is, we all find ourselves in that place from time to time. Even though we’ve been promised that there is one who loves us and cares for us and, unlike my neighbors, is always nearby waiting to step in with forgiveness and restoration, how often do we decide to take another route that only ends up hurting us and those around us? In what places are you in desperate need of rescue today? Cry out to the Lord, he’ll hear you and respond.

But you, O LORD, be not far off;
O my Strength, come quickly to help me. – Psalm 22:19

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