Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Day got away from me.

Through the Bible in 90 days: Day 52

Read: Read 41:19-52:12

Verse that stood out: Those who hope in me will not be disappointed - Isaiah 49:23

I did my reading early this morning but then the day got away from me on the blogging front. Lots of good stuff in these chapters. What I perhaps noticed the most, however, was that when I looked at my Bible, I could definitely tell I'd crossed the half-way point. Seeing fewer pages to the right than to the left felt really good. As with most projects, it's great to be able to see the end (Obviously, I won't stop reading my Bible after these 90 days, I will probably stop reading 12 pages a day!).

In the largest of projects, life itself, we know the end is coming, but we can never be totally sure of when it will come. Some of us can be confident we've crossed the halfway point. All of us can safely assume we are closer to the end today than we were yesterday. As believers, we can trust that while we may not know all the details of how tomorrow will play itself out, we can trust Isaiah's vision. The day is coming when God will usher in his Kingdom of peace and provision and justice once and for all. If we'll put our trust in him, the end of the story will not disappoint.

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