Thursday, May 5, 2011

Love never delights in evil

In a world of technological advances, it is easy to fall into the temptation of forgetting that the greatest wisdom often comes with age. While it’s true that if you need help figuring out how to send a text on your newest cell phone you should probably ask someone under the age of 15, it’s equally true that in regards to the deeper truths of life, age can often give us a perspective of deep wisdom.

Take for instance the preacher Haddon Robinson’s thoughts on what fuels so many websites’ popularity. The 80 year-old recently noted in a sermon, “We often take consolation in someone else’s failure. Doing that is not loving; it is the essence of selfishness. But we live in a culture that tempts us to do that, a culture that majors in looking at other people’s failures. Survey the blog world. You’ll discover that most blogs focus on what a politician or a celebrity or a preacher has done wrong. They’d soon go out of business if they only talked about what other people did well.”

I don’t know how much pastor Robinson knows about computers, but he knows an awful lot about the people who use those computers. He knows how often we, because of envy or insecurities, delight in other’s troubles. He’s, no doubt, been watching people do that for decades. Robinson also knows his Bible well. He knows that love never delights in evil, but rejoices with the truth. If we want to love like God loves, then we won’t delight when other people crash and burn, even if those people are our enemies. Instead, we will be a people who long for goodness and mercy and the love of God to prevail in every person’s life.

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