Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New TX BSM website for college freshmen

Alyson and I love Texas Baptist's BSMs (Baptist Student Ministry).  We met each other at the Aggie BSM.  And through the ministries there, also discovered much about God's calling in our lives.  I'm glad to say that BSMs are still making a huge difference in the lives of students.  Whereas 70% of students stop going to church when they head off to college, 80% of students who attend the BSM on their campus continue being active in a local church in and beyond their college years.

Are you a recent high school grad heading off to college?  Or do you know someone who is?  Texas Baptist Student Ministries has a great new website www.texasfreshmen.com.  There students can find out where and when the BSM meets on their local campus.  The best thing about the sight?  It features testimonies by two folks we know and love at Southland - Jeremiah Banks and Isa Torres.  Check out their videos below.

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Beverly Parrish said...

Love the Aggie BSM plug! Hope you & Allyson are doing well.