Monday, March 10, 2014

Fifth Day of Lent: Learning to wait

This post is part of a Lenten reading plan created to compliment the Lenten sermon series at Southland Baptist Church in San Angelo. You can follow that reading plan here.

Today’s reading: Mark 11:12-14

Key Verse: Then he said to the tree, “May no one ever eat fruit from you again.” And his disciples heard him say it - Mark 11:14.

At first, it looks like Jesus is having a really bad Monday morning. Hungry, Jesus gets up and goes looking for a snack. He finds a fig tree without any fruit, which wasn't a shocker because as the text says, "It wasn't the season for figs."

That he went to look wasn't so strange. As some commentators note, it was the season in which there may have been some first fruits. What's strange is what Jesus did when his search for fruit proved fruitless (sorry, couldn't resist) - he cursed the tree.

On this Monday morning, we're left scratching our heads. Cursing a tree doesn't appear patient or kind or like a particularly Jesus kind of thing to do, even on a Monday morning.

What do we do with a story like this? My guess is, the same thing we do with anything in our lives that doesn't quite make sense, we wait. We trust that God has not altered his character. We stick with the Lord, trusting that understanding will come in his perfect timing.

The fig tree will make another appearance in the last week of Jesus' life, just not on Monday morning. To see it again, to gain understanding, we will have to wait.

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