Friday, May 27, 2016

Friday Photo: How full is your bucket?

Northern Oak Hairstreak, San Angelo, Texas - Photo taken May 21, 2016 by Taylor Sandlin.
In his book, Simplify: Ten Practices to Unclutter Your Soul, Bill Hybels uses the metaphor of a bucket to describe the state of our lives. We all have practices in our lives that drain our bucket. We also have practices that fill our buckets up. Life includes both kinds of activities. It is not noble or good to do only those things that drain us. We must also do those things that fill us up.

One of the activities that fills me up is nature photography. I came to this activity unexpectedly. When Alyson and I purchased our present house, we were delighted to discover that the previous owner had planted a wide variety of butterfly-friendly plants in the back yard. At times in the summer, we will have as many as fifty butterflies flying around the backyard at once. It is an amazing experience to sit out there and watch them. Somewhere along the way, I started taking pictures of them. I had more fun doing this than is easily explained. I had stumbled upon an activity that fills my bucket.

Now, on my day off, you will often find me in one of my cities' many gardens, snapping pictures of butterflies, birds, or whatever else comes across my path. I take the pictures for the sake of my own soul, but I also have fun sharing them with folks who enjoy looking at nature photos, hence the new weekly post, "Friday Photos." If you like the photos, you can follow me on instagram @revtexag.

What is something that fills your bucket?

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